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What Is Online Dating?

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According to free men chat lines, Online Dating is the term used to describe the current trend in dating that is popular in this generation. Also known as internet dating, it involves the practice of searching for people with the same interests through the use of technology powered by the internet.

According to Urban Dictionary, it refers to a system that enables internet users to find new connections online for the purpose of developing romantic, personal or sexual relations. 

With the increasing number of internet users worldwide, it is quite easy to picture out the many factors that made online dating extremely popular. In fact, the online dating industry has been projected to be worth $12 billion by 2025.

Given this data, it may no longer come as a surprise if more and more people would meet their future partners through one of the many online dating platforms. 

According to Global Dating Insights, “meeting someone online has become the most common way to find love”. Moreover, roughly 20% of heterosexual relationships developed online and has replaced other forms of meeting people such as through common friends and colleagues or by hanging out in social places. 

Statistics and Success Rate for Online Dating

According to collective data gathered last 2018, 46% of dating app users have met their current partner online. Also, an estimated number of 49 million individuals have used U.S. online dating sites.

Surprisingly, men are 4% more likely than women to fall in love and opt for marriage after meeting someone through a dating website or app.

Men are also twice as active on dating apps compared to women. Singles aged 18 to 25 years old are the most active users and people in this age bracket usually use more than 2 dating apps at once.

Based on data released by Facebook, it is projected that one out of three marriages in the U.S. could have begun online.

The gender ratio for most dating apps is 40% females and 60% males. A study consisting of 641 university students revealed that the use of dating apps does not always lead to casual sex, and the prevalence of sex right on the first actual date is about the same percentage with that of traditional dating.

Among singles that are actively using online dating methods, 74% of them identify good conversation as the single and best indicator of good chemistry and compatibility on a date. 60% of users actually believe that it is possible to fall in love right from the very first conversation or meet up. 

Why Choose Online Dating?

Social dating using phone applications
Social dating using phone applications

People have varying reasons why they choose to meet other singles online instead of going out or meeting them through common friends. Usually, it’s a choice or it could also be out of curiosity.

But in most cases, if online dating is used correctly and mindfully, it can be a medium to meet new friends, acquaintances, and even a serious partner

For now, here are the top reasons why people choose online dating over other methods to establish a connection with other singles;

1. Lack of Time is not a problem

We live in a fast-paced and career-driven world. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made to become more competitive. Thus, there is a common notion that someone who is successful with his career may be unsuccessful in the romance department due to lack of time for social life.

To balance this situation, online dating may prove to be a promising option. Therefore, for those who don’t have much time to go out and meet new people, this could be the best possible solution to score a date and to meet a potential romantic partner.

2. To Satisfy High Standards

There are some people who sign up to online dating with the expectation to meet someone that’s attractive and smart. Online dating triggers this illusion or fairy-tale syndrome that makes us believe that it is possible to find someone who would meet our standards perfectly.

Reports even suggest that 49% of people who use online dating apps are looking for someone with physical attributes that would attract them.

3. Find a Compatible Partner

When using dating sites or apps, people tend to look for someone who enjoys the same things that they do such as music, hobbies, sports, activities, and food.

That is why when creating a profile for a dating site; you can mention the qualities that you are particularly looking for in a partner including the things you like and your interests.

By doing so, it would be much easier to streamline the search according to preferences and to find a compatible date. Data reveals that around 64% of people who are into online dating look for someone who has something in common with them. 

4. For Flirting and Casual Sex

There are some people who actually rely on online dating to flirt and to score some casual sex. Aside from emotional reasons, it couldn’t be denied that there will always be some online dating app users who want to quench their physical needs.

While this may sound inappropriate, it still counts as one of the top reasons why online dating has become popular over the years. People who are single or unhappy with their sex life may look for sex partners who believe in “no commitment policy” sex and one-night stands.

And there are some dating sites that actually offer such options plus other forms of adult entertainment. 

5. For Fun and Excitement

Some people join online dating sites to infuse some fun and excitement into their lives. There are some single and married men/women who use adult dating sites despite of being committed just to explore themselves and their sexuality.

According to statistics, as much as 53% of people use the wrong information in their profile to attract other dating app users. Their purpose is to just have fun and to satisfy their need for excitement. After all, this is the 21st century and it doesn’t hurt to add some spice factor into our lives. 

n in their profile to attract other dating app users. Their purpose is to just have fun and to satisfy their need for excitement. After all, this is the 21st century and it doesn’t hurt to add some spice factor into our lives. 

6. Offers a “Trial and Error” Method in Finding a Partner

Similar to people who don’t have time to meet other singles in person, there are some who manage to meet people here and there but are still unable to find “the right one” that suits them best. They may chance upon new contacts and friends but none of them has the same interest or mindset, and there’s no chemistry at all.

In such cases, online dating may offer a good option because you can have as much “trial and errors” as you want until you find a compatible partner. Online dating statistics prove that 20% of people in current and committed relationships began online with 7% of them ending into marriages last 2015. We understand the different personalities and characters of online users.

For this reason, we are providing a variety of options for Online Dating that can satisfy each person’s uniqueness, purpose, and distinctive preferences. Our objective is to be able to present Online Dating as a means for every person (regardless of personality, race and gender identity) to meet new people, have fun and expand the social network for a happier and more fulfilling life.